"ITiX 的網頁技術專業到位,他們的解決方案能夠配合優質的售後服務。再加上有效的溝通渠道,為鼎爺私房菜提升業務效率及服務質素。"
- Charles Ng, Chief consultant at 鼎爺私房菜

"It is always a great pleasure to work with ITiX. We are impressed by ITiX which develops a user friendly, professional-looking and design-forward web page that clearly explains our unique philosophy and innovative human stem cell products to our audience and customers in Hong Kong and other parts of the world."
- Fiona Chan, Partner and Communications Director at Stapworks Stem Cell Limited

"感激 ITiX 提供的服務,他們的技術專業,了解客人需要。令我們鍾氏地毡的網站煥然一新,漂亮又專業。整個網站主題完全符合我司所需,過程流暢,整體完成時間短。整網站既首選 — ITiX."
- Kenny Chung, 鍾氏地毡

"Thanks ITiX for always being so professional and react very quickly for the technical support. ITiX web design is impressive and really put our company into the spotlight."
- Kit Fung, Marketing Manager at Science Park Food Lab Limited (2016)

- Desmond Lai, Director at 良心理財 - 黎家良

"Thank you so much for all professional advice and support from ITiX on setting up our company website and CRM platform. For sure, ITiX is highly recommended in my contact list."
- Norman Chan, General Manager at Genesis Labs Limited

"ITiX is great ! We were impressed by ITiX’s knowledge of the eCommerce platform and website technologies overall. They guided us through the entire development process and I am happy with the result."
- Alexander Ho, Director at CheeseBB.com

"Thanks so much for your great work. Our new website looks trendy and easy to manage. Your teams are quick to response, professional & experience in website development and technical support. I am very pleased with your work done."
- Ida Lau, Assistant Corporate Development Manager at Wings Trading (HK) Company Limited

"I would recommended ITiX website team to other businesses. They went above and beyond in helping me create our site and truly trying to understand our needs. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism exceeded my expectations. It is a happy experience to work with ITiX. Thank you."
- Michelle Au, Marketing Manager at Hong Kong Energy and Minerals Associations (HKEMUA)

"感謝 ITiX 的服務,爲我們三隻小豬微電影廣告製作公司設計了一個精簡的公司網站!不需太多瑣碎繁雜的編排,足以讓我司網頁提供客戶所要瞭解的公司介紹及資料,而且網頁簡潔又美觀正符合我們的要求。更重要的是 ITiX 專業的製作水準帶出了我司的專業形象。ITiX 出品也很有效率,非常謝謝您的意見與付出。"
- Leo Yuen, Director at 三隻小豬微電影廣告製作有限公司

"好開心 ITiX 可以為我們的紫荊青年商會製作一個咁精美的網站,其實我地可以 brief到俾佢地的 ideas 好少,但係好驚喜地他能夠了解我地的需要,設計一次完成。而且 ITiX 仲提供 training,令我們的會員能夠盡快學習如何有效運用網站,只能夠講 ITiX 細心用心。最記得佢地講過最緊要有要求,要求靚無問題,佢能夠做到。我已經又有2個 referrals 會帶來俾佢。"
- Carmen Wong, JCI 紫荊青年商會副會長 (2014)

"Thanks for your professional advice and prompt services throughout our company's website design process. Your pro-active manner and suggestions make us feel easier to complete the project with reasonable timeline. Again, thank for your professional work."
- Eric Chu, Director at Full Partners Limited

"ITiX 絕對專業!ITiX 為 BNI Abundance chapter 所設計的網頁令我們非常滿意。設計方面:帶出整個團隊的專業!顏色配合主題,形象鮮明簡潔。非常設合!生產時間:整體完成時間迅速!感謝 ITiX 用心打造出一個全新的商業平台網!"
- Ballie Yip, BNI 盈富分會主席 (2014)

"ITiX 製作認真、回應迅速,整個項目過程流暢。他們能夠在短時間內完成網站,充份配合我們的業務需要。"
- Louis Chan, Managing Director at Deli Communications

"Thanks so much for helping me to set up the website for my training business. Through the process, I have witnessed your professionalism, your artistic touch and commercial sensibility, and most of all, your patience with a layman like myself! I would recommend you to any business who would like to set up a quality professional website. A million thanks again! "
- Dexter Cheng, Managing Consultant at Aspiring Consulting Group Limited

Web Services

Web Services

SME Business Website

Custom-made websites with 10 to 20 pages, suitable for delivering corporate messages, consultancy, information, with a gallery option, who you are, where you are, what you do, contact us form and general company information in CMS (Content Management System).

Standard website package starting at HK$20,000. Contact us for more details.

Content Rich Business Website

More complicated websites with different tailor-made functionalities and dynamic features such as quotation forms with calculations, output forms and smart intuitive customer interactive features, downloads and video etc.

iPhone/Android Applications

Our professional mobile application development team provides mobile application solutions that will fit your specific needs. We tailor-made high quality, innovative and user-friendly applications based on client's requirements. Targeting major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. It includes but not limited to email marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), many other types of display advertisement.

eShop Website

Our e-commerce system is database driven and with intuitive design, the system consists of integrated databases to list categories, sub categories or services with a bespoke shopping cart with payment integration to the major payment service providers to provide a seamless on-line payment facility. A self managing administration center enables the business owner to add products, edit, amend, upload images or delete, set prices, add descriptions, meta tags and generally manage your own on-line store. You can view orders, payments, see customer trends, customer database, print out delivery notices, invoices and reports.

Content Management System

We provide high quality and cost effective website design and website development solutions using either the popular Open Source Web CMS such as Magento and Joomla, or develop a custom-made system to fulfill the needs.

  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • MODx
  • Custom-made CMS (On request)

Training Services

Training Services

Computer Training

Our experienced trainers provide comprehensive training solutions which meet the needs of today's ever changing business world. We strive to maximize the productivity of your corporate staffs by providing a complete and varied curriculum.


Our trainers have over 10 years of IT training experience and serviced large to small clients from all over the world. Consultation sessions can cater clients with unique requirement.

Group / Private Class

We provide on-site training services, or individuals can join our one-to-one private training class with tailor-made agenda. All trainings are highly customizable so please let us know what do you want to learn.


Lack of time to attend a hands-on training course? We provide seminar type information sessions to condense training topics into an hour of duration so your learners can learn with high efficiency.

Other Services

Other Services

Copy-writing and Translation

We provides language translations using a wide range of experienced multilingual translators; meaning the final translation will read well to a native speaker of that language.

Video / Photo Shooting

We have professional photographers with expertise on different kind of photo/video requirement such as product shooting and event shooting.

Design and Printing

Our creative team can also help you to design and arrange printing for common publishing job such as brochure, leaflet and catalogue.

System Integration

Our consulting team have plenty of experience in integrating website solutinos with different platforms. Such as eShop to ebay, POS, invoicing system... etc.